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Our History

     Rock Hill Farm is the creation of two people who could not have come from more diverse backgrounds. Bronx born John Blumberg grew up in suburban Dutchess County New York and as a teenager dreamed of one day running a livestock farm. Iowa born DeeAnn (Donovan) Blumberg grew up on a corn and soybean farm and as a teenager dreamed of modeling one day in The Big Apple. After marrying in 1989, followed by three kids in the early 90's, John and DeeAnn found themselves in a house on forty acres with a wild idea ... Let's create a·farm!!! 

     In 2001, a 5800 lb. team of oxen "Mike and Milt" arrived, and Rock Hill Farm was born. 

John and DeeAnn's oldest son Danny, who even as a pre-teen had an unusual knack for hard work, tractors, and large animals, was "all in". Danny became the driving force behind growing from a single pair of Oxen, to ultimately a 30-animal enterprise. 

     Focusing on "draft animals" for over twenty-three years Rock Hill Farm has been home to three teams of oxen, and dozens of giant draft horses, primarily Belgians and Percherons. The Blumberg's have also raised a handful of riding horses, beef cows, mini donkeys, mini horses, and Nigerian dwarf goats through the years. 

In 2011 an additional 75-acre farm in Pawling, NY was purchased to handle "the overflow". Finally in 2023, the Brewster house and farm were sold after 29 years, and all the animals and equipment were consolidated to the Pawling farm which remains as "home base" for the Blumberg's and Rock Hill Farm. 

     The name Rock Hill Farm originated from a "hilly section" (appearing flat to most east coasters), on the 500-acre Iowa corn farm where DeeAnn lived until she left to pursue a modeling career in New York. DeeAnn and John got engaged in 1988 on the Iowa "Rock Hill", and it also remains the final resting place for "Papa with the cows", DeeAnn's Dad, Larry. 

     John never hesitates to admit that had he not had the encouragement and support from his built-in "farming consultants" (aka DeeAnn's Iowa family), he would never have had the courage to pursue this farming dream. 

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