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     From the time Danny could walk and talk he seemed to have a special bond with horses, dogs, and cattle. As the only Blumberg passionate about riding, Danny loved racing around the property on his palomino "Poncho" in his teen years. Or until he lost him in 2023, quietly trotting into town on his trusty quarter horse, "Moose". 

     After the Robert Redford movie, "The Horse Whisperer" came out we started jokingly calling Danny the "Ox Whisperer", after he developed the ability to handle a massive team with just his voice, never touching them with the goad stick. 

     His four-legged fascination doesn't end on the farm. Danny goes home every night to a pair of Guiding Eyes stud dogs, who have helped produce hundreds of service dogs across the country. 

     The reality is, Danny, more than anyone, tirelessly cares for all the animals on Rock Hill Farm. Whether they are hot, cold, lame or maybe just lived a little too long, Danny is always there to comfort them. 

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