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John & Dee

     After 35 years of marriage John and DeeAnn Blumberg don't always agree on everything, but there is one thing that they've ALWAYS had in common; they both have always LOVED animals! But of course, even within this passion, like most married couples their love of our furry friends is quite different. 

     DeeAnn melts at the sight of a newborn calf, a wobbly kneed foal and every puppy or kitten she's ever come across. John, on the other hand, has always had a fascination with size. Calves are cute but his 5800 lb team of oxen, "Gun and Powder" were his pride and joy. While DeeAnn is wildly snapping photos of the draft horse weanlings, John just can't take his eyes off a four abreast hitch. And of course, John would pass on DeeAnn's "puppy time", to wrestle around with a full­grown Mastiff or St Bernard. 

     So, if you visit Rock Hill Farm you most likely will run into John and DeeAnn, but they might be in different locations. John can most often be found hitching up a pair of "draftees", while DeeAnn might be hanging in the pony pasture giving all kinds of love to her "Babies", mini donkeys "Molly and Dolly"! 

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