Let YOUR event help support OUR purpose!

                When you book a Wedding, Birthday, Celebration, Family Get Together or Corporate Outing with us, your dollars help support our ultimate mission: using the majesty of our

Gentle Giants to bring Joy to those less fortunate.


Rock Hill Farm is a dual location entity run by the Blumberg Family of Brewster and Pawling, NY. John and DeeAnn Blumberg, along with their children Danny, Nicky, and Jessie, have dedicated countless hours over the past 15 years to expose the “magic” of draft animals to young, old, disabled and those less privileged.


With 40 acres in Brewster and about twice that in Pawling, the Blumbergs can bring any number of their nearly 50 animals to you, or, if it works, welcome you to hold an event on one of their well appointed farms. As a not-for-profit enterprise, all proceeds from our “paid events” are used to feed and support our “drafties” allowing us to do dozens of “give back” events in ours and surrounding communities.


Call us anytime for: a quote on a paid event you might be planning;

or a great idea for a charitable event you think we should consider.


Hope to see you soon!

John, DeeAnn, Danny, Nicky, and Jessie Blumberg.



Rock Hill Farm is a not for profit business dedicated to preserving and promoting the relationship

between man and draft animal which dates back over 5,000 years.

Through community events, work with the underprivileged and company team building, Rock Hill Farm gives  thousands of people per yearthe opportunity to experience a "hands on" meeting with these good natured draft horses and oxen.

For a disabled veteran, a wide-eyed toddler or anyone in between, even a short visit with one of these

"gentle giants" can often make an incredible impact for life.




  • Weddings

  • Birthdays

  • Celebrations

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Family Outings

  • Antique Farming Demonstrations

  • Hay & Sleigh Rides

  • Photography Opportunities

  • Parades

  • School Outings & Events

  • Special Needs Children's Activities

  • Senior Home Activities

  • Disabled Adult Activities

  • Restaurant & Business Promotions

  • Law Enforcement

  • "Extra Large" Petting Zoo

Enjoy all our farm has to offer

  • Horse Rings

  • Fishing Lake

  • Picnic Areas

  • Hiking & Nature Trails

  • Photography Opportunities

  • Holiday Specials

  • Authentic Farm Atmosphere

Please contact us for pricing and to discuss the details of your event. We look forward to hearing from you!



Bill and Bob
Mike and Tony
King and Charley
Gun and Powder
Jim and Jake

Over the years, we have had many requests to create custom name signs with our old draft horse shoes. If you would like to order one of these unique pieces, please send us a message in the contact box at the bottom of the page.

custom signs






Brewster, New York

Pawling, New York



Tel: 845-234-5751

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Draft Horse and Oxen available for events and services in

Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Fairfield Counties in New York and Connecticut.

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