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Welcome To Rock Hill Farm

     The seventy-five acres of Rock Hill Farm holds a unique position in the historic town of Pawling, NY. 

Our eastern border runs right down the middle of the Great Swamp River, a kayaker's paradise teaming with a huge variety of wildlife and fauna in and out of the water. This river runs for twenty miles through four towns and is part of a 62,000-acre protected watershed. 

     Our northern border is a small piece of the world-famous Appalachian Trail. Many hikers have checked off their "bucket list" trek by completing the 2200 mile walk from Mt Katahdin, Maine to Springer Mountain, Georgia. It's not unusual for us to find a wayward hiker, perhaps running low on GPS battery, staring at a giant draft horse, and wondering where they took a wrong turn. We are always happy to meet these rugged souls, sometimes from all over the world, and reset them in the right direction. 

     To the west is the rocky ridge of our mountain which can be seen from tens of miles away. With two thousand feet of elevation, the views when the leaves drop are breathtaking. 

     The variation of terrain, wildlife, and elevation, combined with over thirty farm animals in all shapes and sizes, makes Rock Hill Farm a spectacular day trip destination in Dutchess County. 

Our Mission

     Rock Hill Farm is a not-for-profit business dedicated to  preserving and promoting the relationship between man and draft animal which dates back over 5,000 years.

     Through community events and work with the underprivileged, Rock Hill Farm gives thousands of people per year the opportunity to experience a "hands on" meeting with these good­natured draft horses and oxen. 

     For a disabled veteran, a wide-eyed toddler or anyone in between, even a short visit with one of these "gentle giants" can often make an indelible impact for life. 


Learn About Draft Horses and Oxen

     Draft Horses -Draft horses are typically tall, muscular horses 

bred to pull wagons and sleds. The word "draft" (sometimes 

called Draught or Dray), can be traced back to Old English through the Dutch word "dragen" meaning to carry or transport. 

     There are four main breeds of drafts: Percherons from France, 

Belgians from Belgium, Clydesdales from Scotland and Shires 

from England. Unique specimens have grown to 20 hands (6'8" at the shoulder), and 3,000 lbs. 

     With their generally gentle disposition, draft horses are great ambassadors for anyone interested in getting involved in the equine community. 

     Oxen -Castrated bull calves of any cattle breed, four years or 

older are all classified as oxen. Oxen have the calmest deposition of virtually all farm animals. Yoked up with a well-matched 

partner, a mature team of oxen can pull a heavy load all day long. 

Oxen, a plural of Ox, is again an Old English word usage that was very common 1,000 years ago. Adding "en" at the end of a word 

denotes plural. It is one of only 4 words in English that still survives this Old English word format: 

Woman to women, 

Child to children, 

brother to brethren 

and of course, ox to oxen 


Rock Hill Farm Features

     Lakes, Ponds, and the Great Swamp River - teaming with game fish, unusual birds, and water mammals, our water and  river property creates an amazing opportunity for fishing, kayaking, or just enjoying nature at its finest.

     Rustic Mountain Trails - our three mountain trails are great for hiking, Mountain biking, and of course wildlife viewing.  In fact, our "bottom trail" passes by a series of often occupied Bear dens before it connects with the nationally know Appalachian Trail.

     Picnic and Event Area - our large fire pit area has tables, benches, and provides a beautiful location for a birthday party or any other type of celebration.




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